In today's world, a relationship means more than just being with your partner; it also means being with your best friend. Getting into a relationship or a marriage brings up responsibilities and hence, keeping relationships healthy could be a difficult task. The majority of you may be content in your relationships but little do you know that the majority of people frequently isolate themselves from the outside world knowingly or unknowingly after getting into a relationship. You might be less aware of how this is affecting your relationship than you think. Keep reading to know why and how.

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While it is true that having friends is usually a great thing, it is also important to have friends even if your relationship is going perfectly. It is crucial to spend some time apart from your lover that will make you miss them more and

make you want to go back to her, which might increase your desire to see her again. This feeling of obsessing over each other would decrease if you spend all of your time with her. Same goes for her. She needs time apart from you to understand how valuable you are, and your absence may give her that feeling. When you next meet, mentioning that you missed each other on a specific night or during a party will really ignite a spark in your relationship.

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What happens if you spend all your time with your partner?

Whether you met through a matchmaking app or some traditional dating, spending all of your time with your partner in a relationship can be negative rather than beneficial. Every now and then there could be an issue coming up where you might think that you've had enough or you're not happy in that relationship. But breaking up is not always the solution in a relationship. Why do these issues come up? There are many reasons behind these fights but one of those reasons is dependency.

The amount of dependency of making one another happy, content and fulfill their expectations comes all upon one person. This expectations sometimes become unreasonable and as a result leaves the partners feeling pressured to perform. 

Sure, spending quality time is necessary but to take some time out for yourself is also important. 

Create boundaries with friends

Sometimes having friends might bring up the issues of jealousy, risks of infidelity and more as we do have friends of the opposite gender. You might know that you guys are just friends but creating certain boundaries is always better. Sit with your partner and set up boundaries to make things clearer and develop trust. Talk to your partner about the things that bother them, about the friends that they don't like and try to understand their reasons. The reason could seem small to you but might be a big deal for them. So try to understand each other's point of view. In the end no friend is more important than the person you love. 

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Now, let's talk about some of the plus points of having friends outside of your relationship or marriage.

  • ​Support system

The fact that friends are there for you when you need them is one of the finest things about having friends. There will undoubtedly be ups and downs in a relationship. But whether your relationship is going great or not you need some friends apart from your partner. One should not have 100% dependency on their partner for a healthy relationship and peace of mind. 

Getting married is lovely, but it also involves a long-term commitment. With friends, you have a second source of support for the difficult times in your marriage that might not be as simple to discuss with your partner. When you need someone not in your romantic relationship but yet want to feel supported, you have friends to turn to.

  • ​For your mental wellbeing

Your daily routine can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed. That's when your friends come into the role and help you improve your mental health with all the talking and fun time spent together. It has been found that there's a correlation between feelings of joy, self worth and self compassion. So, if you need a boost, don't be hesitant to ask your friends for a day out or even try attending singles meet events where you can make great new friends.

  • Sanity

It's no secret that our friends keep us sane at the times our partners can't. There are times when even in a healthy relationship, you will face problems which are difficult to go through alone. A great relationship doesn't guarantee emotional stability, intellectual stimulation and support of a whole social circle. One should not even ask their partners to stop going out with his/her friends. Friends can give you a completely new perspective on you in a different setting, and those facets of you are just as valuable as your romantic self.

  • Activities

Do you sometimes feel that you're sacrificing an activity because your partner doesn't like it? Or maybe not watching a genre of movie because of your partner? Here's where you're missing out on individualism. It is not at all a bad thing to have different interests. Here's where friends come into play. With friends, you can do awesome things! Attend events and movies that your companion won't enjoy! Play sports that they might not normally enjoy! Attend dance or craft lessons, and book discussions! With having your own individualism you will a) be more intriguing as a person and b) meet more interesting people if you engage in certain activities outside of your romantic partnership. All of it brings a positive impact in a relationship too.

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These advantages should inspire you to find friends who will make you happy and keep you sane at the times of need. You can also try attending singles meet events to meet people with the same personality as yours. Make an effort to establish genuine friendships with people who will enrich your life and stand by you through both good and terrible times.