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UrbanMatch Ratio Details

Because nothing beats meeting in person where emotions come alive & energies transcend beyond your screen.

UrbanMatch Ratio Details

Discover the ultimate matchmaking event in India that brings singles together at exclusive venues like cafes, bars, and clubs, ensuring a perfect balance and equal ratio for unforgettable connections.

UrbanMatch Ratio Details

Life’s too short to wait for your match to respond! Seize the moment & find real connections with UrbanMatch's Offline Events. Download our app now for real people, real meetups, and real connections. 

Bringing like minded singles together in One place

UrbanMatch Ratio Meetup

Real people

Meet and interact with real people and connect deeply IRL

UrbanMatch Ratio Meetup

Equal ratio

We focus on maintaining an equal men-women ratio so you can focus on building meaningful connections

UrbanMatch Ratio Meetup

Regular mixers

New mixers at the trendiest places in your city every week

UrbanMatch Ratio Meetup

Exclusive venues

We provide exclusive meetups just for urabanmatch members to ensure safety and authentication

Wall of love

UrbanMatch Couples
“I decided to invest in VIP membership with Sima Taparia, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Sima's warm and empathetic nature instantly put me at ease. She listened attentively to my relationship goals and desires, providing valuable insights and guidance along the way. With her help, met someone who shared my values and ambitions" 
Priya & Manish
UrbanMatch Couples
“Singles Offline Mixers provided the perfect setting to meet like-minded individuals, and UrbanMatch's innovative approach to matchmaking helped me find my perfect match. The app considered our personalities, hobbies, and aspirations, ensuring a genuine connection”
Gareema & Ankit
UrbanMatch Couples
"Singles Offline Mixer was a game-changer for me. As a busy professional, I struggled to find time to meet new people and establish meaningful connections. However, UrbanMatch's platform and the well- curated Singles Mixer changed everything. I met someone at the event who shared my ambition and drive, and we instantly connected"
Neha & Yogesh

Frequently asked questions

What's the buzz about SINLES MIXERS?

Get ready to mingle with style! UrbanMatch invites you to exclusive mixers at cozy cafes, trendy restaurants, buzzing pubs, and fabulous bars. With an equal balance of men and women, we're all about giving you choices and the chance to connect with multiple amazing individuals. Let's dance into lifelong meaningful relationships together!

Can I transfer my ticket to any other event day?

Can't make it on the chosen day? Sorry, tickets can't be swapped to another event day. Each ticket is tailored for the specific date you selected.

Can I partially cancel my ticket?

Oops, no partial cancellations! Once you're in for the Ratio experience, there's no turning back. So make sure you're ready to have a blast!

Are the event tickets a single-entry ticket and valid for only one event?

One ticket, one epic event! Your Sinles Mixers ticket grants you access to the event on the specific date you purchased it for. Remember, it's a single entry pass, so make it count! No re-entry allowed.

Can I get my ticket at the Venue?

Get Your Tickets Now or Miss Out on the Fun!

What is the maximum number of tickets I can purchase?

Grab Your Exclusive Ticket: One Chance, One Ticket!