Let's look at what, why, and how you might develop a real relationship with someone and lead a contented, happy life.

What does a real connection mean?

Because we are social beings by nature, humans are biologically, intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically built to want to fit in. Our relationships with others, like the ones we have with ourselves, help us feel happy and fulfilled and give our lives meaning and purpose. We all need real connection now more than ever in our increasingly solitary and technologically connected society, the enormous effects of social and human interaction shouldn't be undervalued. As we have all come to realize the value of real relationships as socializing since COVID-19. The benefits of real connections are tremendous and you can't miss out on this feeling in life. 

A person will feel a sense of closeness and belonging when they have a trusting relationship with those around them.

This relationship develops when two or more people engage and each one feels important, heard, and seen. No one is passing judgment, and after interacting with them, you feel fulfilled.

It can be a friendly conversation over coffee, a warm hug from a spouse after a long day, or a nature walk with a member of the family.

Similarly, communicating with someone doesn't necessarily require using words.

A real connection needs efforts

Nothing comes easy. With a little effort, you could make real connections at UrbanMatch. All you need to do is download the app and sign up to attend their members-only singles events in your city. In these events, singles come together at a place organized by UrbanMatch to get to know each other only for real connections that would turn into marriage soon. Yes, you heard it right. No more checking out those dating apps to talk to people or should we call it the hookup apps?

Why is a real connection important?

Sure, our days are hectic. We divide our time between countless meetings, work, and family obligations. We also attempt to fit in running errands and getting exercise.

Little to no time is left to communicate due to this. Human connection is more crucial than ever in these times when technology outnumbers physical connections. According to studies, individuals without intimate relationships are more prone to face loneliness and sadness, while some people without established connections may experience lower intelligence and development.

Strong and meaningful social ties, however, are also associated with an improvement in empathy. Do we have meaningful relationships because we are more empathic, or do meaningful connections help us become more empathic? I believe that those who have greater empathy tend to build meaningful bonds with others. It's more difficult to feel an emotional connection with individuals when you don't have intimate ties in your life.

A true connection is comparable to scuba diving, where the beauty lies deep in the sea and not on the surface. Simply said, if you want to build deep and lifelong relationships, you can't stay on the exterior. 

Digital connection isn't the real connection.

Any platform, including Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, can be an initiating point or a source of getting updates, but they fall well short of the intensity and thrill of a real connection. When you're with someone in real life and enjoying each other's company while discussing your thoughts and feelings, you know you have a real connection. Even when you aren't speaking or don't have anything to say, you can still feel connected and content just by being with them. We frequently talk about the power of saying "no," but what about saying "yes"? Start saying "yes" now. Join a running group or check out UrbanMatch, where they host a weekly event called Ratio designed to help you make real connections, find your 'happily ever after', and step outside of your comfort zone.

Do you have trouble connecting to others or finding new people?

One of the major relationship myths we've perpetuated is the idea that you're bound by the abilities you were born with or the role model your family set for you. Negative! Relationship techniques can be practiced and learned.

You can acquire the skills that will help you if you struggle to make or maintain friendships, feel extremely uncomfortable during gatherings, or yearn for a closer bond with your partner. You can develop effective listening and communication skills, and plan, and reorganize your schedule by making real connections first. You're not helpless. Spending time with those who have similar backgrounds and experiences might help people bond.

The next time you meet someone in person or meet singles at UrbanMatch, read these icebreakers.