Marriage is a vital social institution. Although everyone aspires to find the ideal companion, many other factors must be considered. For example, in love marriages, people prefer to pick their mates, whereas, in arranged marriages, partners are picked by their parents or relatives. The ideal method for selecting a spouse is a topic of ongoing discussion.

Arranged marriages are often thought to be amusing and unpleasant by people in western culture. However, I think there are always two sides to a coin. Nowadays, just notice, matchmaking apps are ruling the internet by providing something different for single people.

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An arranged marriage holds little appeal for most young people in today's generation. However, it is a fact that most Indians still have arranged marriages—roughly 90% of them. Most of these marriages are undoubtedly successful, even though not all are. 

However, it is also true that if you tell your parents you have no feelings for your fiancé, they may reply, "Love will grow after marriage." Another downside is that the couple might not have enough time to understand and comprehend one another's values, opinions, and perspectives on many subjects. As a result, many adjustments will be required after the wedding in day-to-day life. 

Yes, a successful or ideal marriage occurs when partners adjust to accommodate each other, but vast adjustments might lead to frustration. Understanding is the secret to any relationship, whether it be love or an arranged marriage. It is about spreading love and respecting each other's perspectives. 

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We know that arranged marriages have predominated in every family for generations. Parents are undoubtedly taking their time to come to terms with love marriages because arranged marriages have been around for so long. But, gone are the times when love was considered a sin.

However, is there a right or a wrong hereOf? Course not! No wonder your parents will try to make the best choice for you. But is it possible to be 100% sure that your choice or your parents' choice will be perfect? 

No, right? So wouldn't it be preferable first to meet, become friends, fall in love with, and then marry? 

Now, we understand it's difficult finding someone new. But what if we say you could find "the one," and it's not going to happen on those dating apps or the matrimony sites because life is too short to wait for your match to respond?

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UrbanMatch is what you need. It is the best matchmaking app in India designed to bring singles together at exclusive venues like cafes, gyms, yoga centers, etc., in an equal ratio. These events help you connect with the singles in town ( members - only ). 

But why choose to go for it? We believe singles and parents love these events because they would know that their child is in it for marriage and is finding their life partner in an exclusive event meant for meaningful relationships rather than just mindless dating. Hence making it kind of an arranged love marriage. 

However, no magic formula makes one kind of marriage superior to the other. Love, respect, loyalty, and understanding are all you need to make a marriage succeed, whether it is love or arranged marriage. Moreover, if you are still single and looking out for someone, you can visit the best place to meet singles through matchmaking apps. Meet them first and then decide.