Gift-giving to friends, family members, or your life partner has always been a part of our culture. But this doesn't mean those expensive and huge presents. A real connection doesn't require pricey gifts; instead, it's the thought that counts, not the value of the present. The emotional value of it is just too darn high, even if it's just a simple meal delivery on a random day.  The effort is obvious from a mile away. Too many years have gone, yet the traditional method of expressing love—love letters—remains.

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Let's see when is the time for gifting in a relationship!

Gifting for Special Occasions

When it comes to giving gifts in a relationship, birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals are just the beginning. You want your partner to be happy on their special day so we try to do something out of the box like a setup with roses at their favorite place or just gifts that would bring a smile on their face. Well, this is all one wants. 

Apologizing with a Gift

It's crucial to express your sincere apology to your partner for how you treated him or her or how the argument turned out. The smallest actions, such as sending a quick apology card or buying them ice cream, could do this. The most crucial thing is to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly. Make it your habit to sort out the differences and apologize with all your heart and little gifts. 💜

Celebrating Milestones

Saying someone "I'm proud of you" or "You're doing great" is like a big hug to anyone. By simply expressing your support or giving a gift with a note, you may show your spouse that you are proud and happy for all they have accomplished. I'd say go for it! 

Souvenirs from a trip

Just like I said, it's the thought that counts. Giving someone a present from even a short trip shows to them your thoughtfulness and that you were thinking about them, not to forget that you took the time and extra effort to look for them a special present. All of this is because you love and care about the other person.

Or a Gift Just to Express Love and Gratitude 

Well, gifts can show your affection when words are inadequate, and for many people, they truly are the "love language." It should not just be on special occasions and shouldn't be a compulsion either. You should gift because you WANT TO and you love your partner. It's a sweet gesture to show your love and support. Even the times you feel low or extremely blessed you need to be thankful that you've got this wonderful person beside you.

All of this is even more important if you're in a long distance relationship. Gifting can actually bring you closer to each other and would help your relationship by feeling more affectionate, caring, attached and loved.

So to conclude. Yes, gifting is an important part of any relationship. It is also a part of keeping the spark alive in a relationship. For more ways of keeping the spark alive click here.