Indeed, it is challenging to find a partner. Marriage is a part of our lives that affects us in every aspect. Making thoughtful decisions is undoubtedly crucial. 

It's only a matter of time that your parents will hop onto your back and keep nagging you to get married. They're going to create your profile on any of those cliché and backward sites and choose on the basis of all the flattering information given in the profiles,

Well,  we think it should be you who chooses The One, but what other option do you have to find new people. Our lives are a bit much dependent on the internet and mobile phones nowadays and we spend the majority of our time staring at our phones. We surely try to find people online and talk to them through various different apps. You're probably thinking of casual dating apps. Is it possible to genuinely get to know someone over chat on these apps? People mention all things attractive in their bios on these casual dating apps. But in no time, it may result in false hopes, ghosting and wastage of time, because who knows the person you're talking to is fake or real.

Take it from the professionals! Save yourselves and your parents some time because if you're really looking for your perfect match, then we've found the best option to go for! 

That is UrbanMatch - a matchmaking app that hosts singles only events exclusively for members. These are the members who're interested in a serious relationship that leads to marriage within a specific timeframe. Sign up now and become a member to join in our exclusive event called "RATIO" at the trendiest cafes, gyms, clubs near you.

What do you actually need to look for when you're meeting singles at RATIO?

Talk more to someone with whom you connect easily

Make an effort to continue the conversation after starting a chat with someone nearby. What you need to see is if you're able to connect and do the vibes match? Vibes and energies are something that cannot be felt through online chats or calls. So, when you're at Ratio, talk to someone you connect with easily.

Make great friends first

Strong friendships provide a foundation for what true love should be. Being friends first helps you understand each other better before getting into a serious relationship.


If the religion of the person you build a relationship with matters too much, then make sure you get enough time to talk to someone who is of the same religion as you. After all, we're here for real connections between members that lead to marriage

Family values

Do you genuinely wish to have five children, or do you despise having children at all costs? Although opinions might alter after a certain time, look for someone who is not totally opposite and stubborn about it (though you shouldn't bring it up right away, of course.)

Choosing someone with similar interests will work in your favor

Whereas it's not important that all of your interests are similar, you might have a few shared interests and the relationship goes great!

Respecting one another is the key

Living with an individual who demeans you, your personality, or undermines your aspirations in life is challenging. During ratio, make sure to see if he/she disrespects you in any way. Choose a partner who will respect every facet of your life. One of the essential qualities to look for in a life relationship is mutual respect. Obviously, you're not choosing someone in a day, make efforts and keep nurturing the connections.

Share similar long term goals

For the next year or two, you may fall in love with that person, but you ought to ensure that your future plans align, whether that means buying a great house and starting a family, or travelling the world and living nomadic lives. Although none of you will be able to do exactly what you desire because life is uncertain, your future visions shouldn't be excessively opposite or you'll get into a great deal of trouble.

Compromise (on a few things)

The reality is that you will never be able to meet the person who fulfils all of your desires, and that's okay. Making a list of everything you want and don't can help you gain a better understanding of what will truly make you happier. The person who makes you the happiest will be the right one for you, and they might even meet those needs you were not even aware of.

Don't reject someone just because they didn't satisfy all of your expectations. This is implausible, and being very picky won't help you much. Stay away from someone if you realize they don't satisfy your basic desires.

Finally, you can find the perfect match only if you yourself are being yourself, genuine, patient and mindfully present at RATIO with no distractions. Now what are you waiting for?

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