Frequently asked questions

What's the buzz about Ratio?

Get ready to mingle with style! Ratio invites you to exclusive events at cozy cafes, trendy restaurants, buzzing pubs, and fabulous bars. With an equal balance of men and women, we're all about giving you choices and the chance to connect with multiple amazing individuals. Let's dance into lifelong meaningful relationships together!

Can I transfer my ticket to any other event day?

Can't make it on the chosen day? Sorry, tickets can't be swapped to another event day. Each ticket is tailored for the specific date you selected.

Can I partially cancel my ticket?

Oops, no partial cancellations! Once you're in for the Ratio experience, there's no turning back. So make sure you're ready to have a blast!

Is the Ratio ticket a single-entry ticket and valid for only one event?

One ticket, one epic event! Your Ratio ticket grants you access to the event on the specific date you purchased it for. Remember, it's a single entry pass, so make it count! No re-entry allowed.

Can I get my ticket at the Venue?

Get Your Tickets Now or Miss Out on the Fun!

How quickly will my profile shine in the search?

Sparkle instantly! Just upload your photos and complete all the details.

Can I play cupid for a friend or relative?

Sorry, love's arrow must be shot by the heart itself. Only individuals can register.

How can I keep my photo incognito?

Head to Settings -> Album privacy and choose the 2nd or 3rd options according to your preference.

Can I change my Date of Birth or Marital status?

Your DOB twirls into permanence after creating your profile. However, you can change your Marital status from Edit Profile.

Why should I upload short videos and what are the benefits?

Ready for a new level of connection? Sometimes photos just don't do justice. That's why we encourage you to upload short videos. It gives others a chance to see the real you in action!

What is the maximum number of tickets I can purchase?

Grab Your Exclusive Ticket: One Chance, One Ticket!

Can I set privacy settings on my profile?

Absolutely! Take control of your profile by heading to Settings and selecting the appropriate options according to your preferences.

Can I control who can visit my profile on the site?

You bet! Our platform allows you to have complete control over who can visit your profile.

What is Face verification?

Upload your photos, click on "Verify" below your profile picture, and let our camera capture your selfie. We'll compare it with your uploaded photos to ensure your profile is verified.

Is my data safe?

Your data is our top priority! We're a bunch of protective folks who go the extra mile to keep your information safe and secure. Rest assured, your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Check out our [Privacy Policy link] for more details.

How can I recognize and avoid fraud?

Stay safe by avoiding clicking on any links sent by other users, contacting users outside of UrbanMatch before establishing trust, and sharing financial information under any circumstances.