Isn't staying happy with a life partner a goal in almost everyone's life? All one needs is health, wealth and a happily ever after. Well, we're here to talk all about a happy married life, so whether you're engaged to be married soon, newly wedded or have been married for a long time, this is for you. Keep reading.

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To be honest there is no one secret to a "happily married life". Marriage comes with its own set of guidelines. A successful marriage takes effort. Don't overthink it, these rules are the simplest if you really love the person you're married to Else, if you are single and want to find your love, matchmaking apps are the best option for you.  Love only grows stronger with time and gives you the best life you've always wanted. So, let's not dwell any further and get the answers to all your questions.

What issues typically arise after marriage? Boredom, financial arguments, taking responsibility, lack of romance, selfishness, or overstepping boundaries?

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These few expert tips may help you with all your post-marriage issues :

Be self-reliant 

You must first be happy in order to be happy in a relationship and also be there for your partner when they're at their low points in life. Couples must continue to carve out personal time, indulge in their passion. Not only does time spent alone make the heart grow fonder, but it also allows you to reconnect with your spiritual selves, reclaim your sense of self, and monitor the advancement of your individual preferences, objectives, and accomplishments.

You will always have conversation starters and something to talk to whenever you're together and that's great. It makes you more attractive to each other as well as makes your relationship stronger.


We emphasise listening as a region of special concern for guys, all women should practise active listening as well. A listening ear is all that one needs to feel heard.

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Keep in mind that hearing and listening are not the same. Our hearts are involved in listening. Open yours, pay attention to what your partner says, gaze at them as they speak, and even paraphrase to reassure them.

Listening and understanding matters in every marriage.

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Agree to disagree

Every disagreement does not have to result in one person being proven correct and the other incorrect. You two come from different backgrounds and have different worldviews. So it's acceptable to let some disagreements go and agree to differ on some issues.

Stop the silent treatment and start forgiving one another.

Instead, start talking about what's upsetting you, it's simpler to ignore silently. However, it is the worst kind of treatment to receive in a relationship. Both of you miss the other person or perhaps wish to punish the other by not talking. But this silent treatment will take you nowhere. So, stop being distant and be open with your partner about your concerns.


You might be accustomed to being independent and making your own decisions, but once you commit to a relationship, you must consider your partner's needs, desires, and happiness. When you live together and get married, it is much more true. All of that "I" quickly changes to "we", which is you and your partner. Prior to making a decision, consider your partners' perspectives.

Ensure that you won't hold the sacrifice against your husband, second-guess your choice, or complain about it if you accept a compromise. You must make the choice, honour it and move on positively.

Take responsibility

Individuals must be prepared to take ownership of and accept responsibility for their words and actions in a relationship and not play the blame game with the one they love.


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Never take each other for granted.

Taking each other for granted naturally brings boredom in a relationship. While hyping each other up, surprising each other every once in a while, taking each other out, and appreciating each other are all necessary for any successful and happy relationship. P.S. Keep the romance alive.

Respect each other 

In a marriage, it is only fair that both partners desire and merit the same level of respect. Respect is displayed in marriage not because one partner is more deserving than the other but rather because each partner appreciates the other's worth.

In marriage, mutual respect matters. 

Arguments and clashes are common, but always maintain a respectful tone of voice. More importantly, they need to see mutual respect modeled if they have children. You and your spouse are undoubtedly parents and would always want your children to grow up to be kind and polite adults. Nowadays, single meet events are organized to help singles meet each other in a safe place. 

Wrapping it up, the most important thing in any relationship is LOVE, as we mentioned earlier. Love your partner with all your heart.