Maybe, maybe not. Let's discuss more before coming to a conclusion.

Looking at the past few years there has been a great surge in online dating. Since then, people have surely realised the warmth and belongingness of meeting a friend , partner , relative in person. Believe it or not you can never replace traditional meets over online / social sites to really connect with someone. 

We say traditional is the way to go! 

The dopamine rush you get when you creatively ask for a girl's phone number in person. Compared to online dating sites and getting a phone number. Nah! 

Think about it. If all you ever do is message someone on a dating site or social media or hop on the phone every now and then, how far can that relationship really go? Does that person even really know you? Do you even really know them? 

In real life meetings there isn't a lot of time spent texting. It implies that you're willing to do so much more to get to know someone, that you value that relationship, and that you're prepared to go the extra mile to get to know them.

You can read people's body language, see their facial expressions, apply context clues, and learn more about their personalities.

You can only get so much through online exchanges. There are clearly things you lose out on, whether it's a chat or a video call. Face-to-face meetings allow you to get the full picture. You can read people — and their actual sentiments and intentions — in ways that are impossible to do online.

Another opinion is that if you meet a person in real life, you have a better chance of building a friendship with them before anything more. When you might be seeking for a mate, friends first is a great policy! 

Well, who doesn't like a meaningful relationship with someone that isn't just lustful. 

Whereas when you've been texting, there's a chance your chemistry won't even match when you ultimately meet in person after all the texting because all the other person mentioned in his dating profile was fake. A person can be whatever persona they want on the internet.  You might assume you're talking to this dreamy guy/girl, but it's actually a 65-year-old pervert. Texting and calls can help you become closer, but nothing beats meeting in person. Even if things aren't going anywhere. Social skills are formed through real-life experience rather than through messages.

As a result, time and energy are saved when you meet first, match later.

Most dating sites mostly rely on the profile photo that has been uploaded and a bio. But a person is more than their appearance or the information in their bio. Which, let's be honest people do lie on their profiles (God knows why) 

What dating apps need to actually do today is 

to ask users to identify who they are and what they are looking for up front (Tinder DOES NOT COUNT - it's a hookup app, not a dating app). That takes a lot of the "getting to know you" portion of connecting off your plate.

It simplifies things and eliminates a lot of the time and work that goes into screening potentials.

So, now you know what's better. Real life meetings are clearly the most valuable means to find lifelong companionship.  

That's why all of our events at UrbanMatch take place in person. We believe in the power of Meet First, Match Later. Here, Urban Match plans group events exclusively for singles. These events are held in public settings like a club, cafe or a restaurant. All you need to do is buy a ticket to the event and you'll meet other singles there!