Finding a partner in life is a big task after a certain age, a coercive decision taken by the parents, society in terms of norm/custom. A famous answer to the question "Why do we need someone in life when we are well settled and happy with ourselves" is because "Life is incomplete without a partner and you will be alone one day". To prove this sentence and fulfill their responsibility as per society’s age chart, they start searching a partner for you.

After meeting so many people, after so many proposals and rejections and after going through the eagerness of completing this task successfully, you are just fed up. No longer interested in meeting someone new, uninterested in your marriage, unwilling to carry out this essential task for people and now you just want to escape.

But deep down in our hearts we all want a good life partner. One who understands us, who cares about us, our spirit, our independence, who respects us and our decisions, who stands by us, who can walk with us. In short, a person with whom the vibes match. Vibes are not a physical entity, not an emotional entity, not visible but matters a lot to start any relationship.

If you are facing a similar situation in life and want to end this journey with a good life partner where the vibes match perfectly then UrbanMatch is the best option for you. A platform that acts as a friend, and believes in meeting first, matching later.

Yes, we know that in this era you have already experienced many dating sites and matrimonial sites and still haven't found a good match with thoughts and vibes similar to you. Hell, you might have even had bad experiences on a site.

But UrbanMatch is neither a dating app nor a matrimonial site. All you gotta do is give yourself one more chance and download UrbanMatch.

How are we different?

We work on Ratio! Now, what is Ratio?

Ratio is a concept designed to bring together groups of single people in equal ratio at secret places like trending cafes, bars, clubs and more. It is an event for all those eligible, aspiring singles who want to start a new phase of life with a suitable partner, but are fed up with the traditional processes, dating sites and orthodox matrimonial sites.

It is a huge physical event differentiating us from those typical virtual scenarios. In online meets and chats, we don't even know who the person is actually. We all know about the fake profiles on dating sites! Moreover, we can not really make out the vibes and energies of a person through chats, it can only be done in real life.

How exactly can you find your forever?

There are so many dating and matrimonial apps but still that charm, excitement, butterflies in the stomach at first meet, awkwardness at first sight, all of it is missing and every iconic relationship is incomplete without some old school 90's love.

If you are in a mature age where you have completed your college, but are struggling with your daily job and meeting people one after another for arrange marriage. For you, love at first sight, the journey from friendship to love just becomes a dream. You won't have time for all of this, but one tiny part of your heart still craves the feeling of college romance. 

Check this out!

Follow the process below to let the magic begin in your love life!

Step 1: - Download UrbanMatch app.
Android - UrbanMatch Android App
iOS - UrbanMatch iOS App

Step 2: -To register, add your phone number then enter the One Time Password received on the same number.

Step 3: - Add your First name, last name, Gender and DOB.
Congratulations, the registration is done.  

Follow the steps below to book a slot for "Ratio Event”.

Step 4: - First of all, you need to upload 2 clear photos of yourself, after uploading you have to go through a selfie verification which will be compared with the uploaded photos. If it matches then your profile gets verified. It’s a simple 5 second process. Hence, no fake pictures allowed ;) 

Step 5: - Now, click proceed to pay for the Ratio event.
Note: To get your tickets for the Event, you have to pay a minimal amount. This is compulsory for everyone so that only interested singles can join the event.

Step 7: - Voilà, you will receive the ticket with all the location, timing, name and date details in it.

Step 8: Get ready to meet your happily ever after. ✨

Now we hope you too agree that UrbanMatch is different from all those right and left swiping apps.

Life is too short to wait for a match. Give yourself a chance and listen to those feelings. Meet new people, talk to them, try to know more about their life. That's how you find a match at UrbanMatch. Good Luck!