Every new form of communication has been used by humans to find love throughout history. Advertisements were published in newspapers in the 18th century, while 'radio-love' pronouncements first appeared in the 1900s. While we now hunt for companionship through portable digital screens, meeting eligible individuals was made easier in the late 1950s with the emergence of the the internet.

Now , in the 21st century, with all that has been going on i.e. the pandemic, loneliness has hit. Young folks are moving away from dating apps and are finding social apps where they could find real connections instead of casual hookups.

We all understand how crucial having a meaningful connection in our lives is in the 21st century. To read more about this, click here.

What options does an adult today have in the "online" world if he simply wants to get past everything casual and begin a relationship that will last a lifetime, one that he will enjoy forever, and settle down? Isn't the main goal of life to find love and a stable financial future? I know, I know some people might think otherwise, but you do realize that everyone needs that one compatible partner who understands you and is there for you.

Matrimonial Apps?

There are so called matchmaking apps like a matrimonial site where more than the singles, their parents are glued to seeking a perfect fit. Regardless of financial limitations, marriage is a factor that most of Indians parents use to measure a person's capacity for handling responsibility. However with increased literacy and the rise of social media, this fundamental idea has shifted and single adults don't really want their parents now to do all of this. There is an intriguing conflict between the Gen Z and Millennial generations, who desire to rebel against and reject the potential dating preferences of their parents. The youth in India are aware that most weddings are still between families.


On the other hand, many no longer trust dating apps because there are so many phony profiles, fake bios, and awful experiences. It is now seen that there are adults who feel they can't find love on dating apps as they don't trust people's intent through online profiles and stop believing in their choice of men. You then are left with no choice but to follow your parents' lead and choose the so-called "durr ke rishtedar ki beti/beta." We are all aware of how terrified we find getting married to a stranger.

Indian youth today, is in a peculiar scenario as a result of the conflict between "sanskaar" and "modernity," where we actively swipe right and left on dating apps, but make sure to keep it a secret from our parents, relatives, and neighbors. So, given the strange turmoil of our Indian society, how difficult is it for people to find love online? 

A Balance Between Dating & Matrimonial Apps?

The concept of "love" and how everything operates here in India is very different from everywhere else in the globe. The majority of young people in India nowadays seek a balance between dating and matrimonial apps. This is where the Indian UrbanMatch app comes into play. UrbanMatch is a matchmaking app that caters to people looking for real relationships that could turn into marriage someday soon rather than hookups. 

The demand for companionship has only been made more pronounced by the development of technology. Humans have a deep-seated need to interact with one another in real life. Although technology has significantly altered many aspects of our life, it cannot alter the fact that people are social beings who are programmed to desire and be desired by others.

 We believe "Offline" is still far better than the "Online" world. Hence, we organize RATIO, an exclusive singles-only event, where any single adult interested with a verified profile can purchase tickets to attend through the app(app link)

Not only this, UrbanMatch also has in-app features like interaction with only 3 matches at a time is allowed so as to understand and give attention to few connections at a time, interactive fun video calls which has in-built games like truth or dare so that awkward silences could be avoided. 

UrbanMatch has hence realised that verification of profiles is important to people so as to build back the trust. No women or men wants to talk to fake profiles.

So, let's say that what adults need today is a matchmaking app that bridges the gap between dating apps and matrimony apps.