Who doesn't like a meaningful relationship? Be it a friend or a life partner, you deserve a connection that's real. 

The quantity of our social relations won't matter as much as the quality when you need someone. Who you wanna spend most of your time has the potential to profoundly shape you and bring out the best in you. You'll know you have a real connection when they empower you in different ways , help you grow, motivate you and they're the one you like spending your time with.

Remember your school days when you really liked being with that one best friend? That one person who understood you when no one else did? We always loved that connection, this is true even when you grow older. 

This is said to be a scientific truth that the relationship we have with someone has a big impact on our well-being. A healthy relationship with someone definitely brings a positive impact, which automatically means improved health, physical and mental well-being.

In this era, we tend to find a connection through social media and smartphones. However, the social media world shows some things that are not really true in real life. 

For example, let's talk about dating apps, do you think whatever one tells on a dating site is actually the truth? Haven't you ever met someone through a dating site and found that they're not at all like what they described while chatting. They could even look way different then that edited picture in their profile, lol ;p . Well, that's how some people are . But don't be disheartened, not all are same. Some people out there are even looking for a real connection, a life long connection. 

But how do you find them? You know they're out there. So, in real life is where you're going to find them. Check out UrbanMatch that brings singles who're ready to mingle just like you, together at an exclusive place. 

Once you find someone, you sometimes don't keep the connection going. Social Media provides the impression that you are continuously connected, yet this couldn't be further from the truth. 

Is loneliness the same as being alone or single?

Being single is not bad. But there surely are days when you need someone by your side. And when there isn't a true personal connection with anyone, loneliness sets in. 

Overcoming loneliness is important for your personal wellness. It is a mental state that happens when one's yearning for human connection and their actual amount of connection are at odds. In other words, it occurs when our desire for interpersonal connections is unmet.

Loneliness exists everywhere. The lack of a genuine connection with those around them might result in someone having many social encounters yet still feeling lonely. Others who have close friendships and family ties yet yearn for a passionate romantic relationship.

Loneliness exists everywhere. The lack of a genuine connection with those around them might result in someone having many social encounters yet still feeling lonely. Others who have close friendships and family ties yet yearn for a passionate romantic relationship.

What it means when we say A Real Connection?

Let's think about what a real connection is, why having a meaningful relationship is vital in our life, and how to define it. 

  1.  When you feel recognized and appreciated, a strong link between you and the other person develops. People create trust and exchange positive energy when engaging in a real healthy relationship. 
  2.  A healthy connection provides you a sense of belonging by helping you feel heard and understood.
  3.  Having a solid support network makes it easier to overcome obstacles, heal you and better your mental health. 
  4.  Interaction with other people lowers health risks and increases longevity and physical wellness. The likelihood of living a longer life is increased by 50% when you have a strong social relationship, which also enhances the immune system

Now how do you interact with people to find that one perfect connection?

Let's see six straightforward methods to start with:

 • Being daring and taking risks are sometimes necessary for forming relationships with people

For instance, starting a conversation with a stranger can be frightening, particularly if you're an introvert. Even though you might feel anxious, you must push yourself to leave your comfort zone. 

In the end, the satisfying sensation of making a new connection much overcomes any initial trepidation you may experience while putting yourself out there.

 • Surround yourself with people with shared interests

Making connections with people who have similar interests and pastimes to your own is easier. Meeting all the singles at a place just as organised by UrbanMatch can be a wonderful opportunity to meet people and make new friends. 

 • Occasionally smiling and maintaining a cheerful attitude

First impressions are important. Trying to keep a generally positive outlook and a genuine grin can draw others to you. This does not need you to always be upbeat or blindly positive. However, it's beneficial to practice appreciation and spend a few minutes reflecting on the positive aspects of your life before interacting with people. According to research, while developing social bonds, people are more inclined to pleasant feelings than negative ones.

 • Get past your obstacles

Because we all naturally dread rejection, developing relationships can be scary. But in order to form these connections, we need to get over our aversion to change and accept circumstances that are uncomfortable for us.

 • Be honest and open with others

Allow yourself to be more open and vulnerable with others if you want to establish friends more quickly. That does not imply that all filters or boundaries should be removed. Too much, too soon might alienate people and make you feel more isolated. However, you are not required to be a polished version of yourself.

Let them see the most honest and vulnerable version of you since people can tell when someone is being sincere or not. Additionally, by being vulnerable, you'll make people feel at ease and more connected to you.

 • Avoid hiding in your phone

When you're uneasy in a social setting, it's simple to hide in your phones. However, this may make it harder to connect with anyone in real life.

For instance, using your phone while in a social setting, might make people think that you're not interested and even they won't approach you.

 • Maintain contact

The bonds between people must be fostered. As an illustration, if you've made a new connection, stay in touch with them and strengthen your bond. Work on preserving your current connections as well at the same time. 

Regular communication strengthens relationships and makes sure you don't lose touch with the people you value most. And when you do find that perfect connection it's also important to give them space. Read more about it here.

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