Considering there are so many dating apps available, most individuals struggle to genuinely connect with someone. Yes, not everyone is searching for hookups or a quick fix.

In reality, aren't we all yearning for a real connection with whom we may fall in love and spend the rest of our lives?

Dating Apps - YES or NO?

Well, why you struggle with finding an ideal match is because you've been looking at the wrong place. All of you might have some crazy stories about disastrous first dates with someone you met on a dating app!!  Because, let's be honest, not everyone mentions everything accurately in their profile. You may have experienced fake profiles, get catfished and receive unwanted hookup messages and when someone loses interest, it's easy for them to simply stop talking and let the conversation end, hence you get ghosted. As a result you leave after having such a negative experience.

Online dating can sometimes be compared to shopping. They scroll through pictures in search of an ideal match, frequently eliminating people more hastily than they would have if they had first spoken to them in person. If you're searching for a more committed relationship, you might prefer using an app that helps you connect with a partner who has the same intentions as yours i.e. a real connection turning into a marriage sooner or later.

You cannot tell if you will click with someone in person by just talking to them online. However, you might enjoy their internet profile and chat with them for too many days. When you eventually meet them, you quickly realize there isn't a spark. Even though ideally it should have ended long back, you keep talking to them online and eventually end up wasting too much of your time which could have been avoided by attending Ratio! We'll tell you about this just in a while, keep reading. 

Being the main character, resonating with the proper tribe, and sassing it up with each other are all important to Gen Z. The chemistry is necessary to pass that vibe check when meeting someone new, whereas being safe must come first at all times. It is also crucial to be aware of the online dating site, matrimony site or matchmaking app's security measures up front. 

What if we told you that it is safe for Indian women to now find the right partner without getting into any of the trouble?

It is true that not all guys are created equal. Having that being said, we are aware of the challenges that women face when using online dating sites or matrimonial sites where mostly parents get into the process to find their daughter a suitable guy. Now for those single women who are concerned about users' motives, there is some good news. Check out UrbanMatch, an app meant for Real connections

UrbanMatch is a matchmaking app that brings groups of singles at well-known cafes, clubs, and pubs in your area. Here's the catch: meet first, match later. After all, what's better than seeing someone in person to see if you click? Because emotions can't be felt before a meeting and energies can't be experienced through a screen.

Known as RATIO events, these can be attended by only those people who have a verified profile on UrbanMatch app. Verification is done through AI verified selfies with the uploaoded pictures hence only genuine people with the mindset of making real connections that turn into marriage later attend RATIO. 

UrbanMatch makes sure that there's an equal number of ratio between men and women so that everyone gets a chance to make new connections. 

The tickets to Ratio can be bought in these simple steps: 

Step 1: - Download UrbanMatch app.

Android - UrbanMatch Android App

iOS - UrbanMatch iOS App

Step 2: -To register, add your phone number then enter the One Time Password received on the same number.

Step 3: - Add your First name, last name, Gender and DOB.

Congratulations, the registration is done.  

Follow the steps below to book a slot for "Ratio Event”.

Step 4: - First of all, you need to upload 2 clear photos of yourself, after uploading you have to go through a selfie verification which will be compared with the uploaded photos. If it matches then your profile gets verified. It’s a simple 5 second process. Hence, no fake profiles allowed ;) 

Step 5: - Now, click proceed to pay for the Ratio event.

Note: To get your tickets for the Event, you have to pay a minimal amount. This is compulsory for everyone so that only interested singles can join the event.

Step 7: - Voilà, you will receive the ticket with all the location, timing, name and date details in it.

Step 8: - Get ready to meet your happily ever after. ✨

UrbanMatch has now become the benchmark for meaningful relationships and safety for women. We understand how important it is for you to have a platform where you could meet and make real meaningful connections as well as be safe.