It's no secret that once in a while your partner might need some space. If you're in a relationship you know what I am talking about. And if you’re not, UrbanMatch is just what you need to find your better half. 

Is this only for those unmarried couples? No, it's for married ones too. Relationships are weird like that, no doubt your partner loves you the most but this doesn't mean you have to be around 24/7. Everyone needs their personal time to work on themselves and grow as a person.  

It's no rocket science that when they ask for some space, you get grief-stricken or take it personally. What you need to understand is that he/she may be an introvert who needs alone time once in a while, or may simply enjoy spending time alone every now and then.

Well, let's not make conclusions before understanding more!

Here are some things you need to keep in mind to make your relationship work : 

‍1.  Communicate :

Assuming anything only makes things worse. Before jumping to any conclusions the most important step is to communicate and understand what exactly your partner needs when they say they need space. Try to be
supportive instead of taking it all personally. You have to understand, in a healthy relationship it's not always sunny every second of everyday and that's okay. Communicate with your partner openly, not to just listen but understand how they feel. Sharing only makes it easier.

‍2.   Broaden Your Support System

While you may have your partner with you at all times, it's still important to reach out and foster bonds with your friends and family. There are times you might feel the need to talk to other individuals about different aspects of your life. 

3.   Trust your partner

You must never forget that you and your partner are together for a reason. Believe in each other. Because when you lose trust in someone, you lose the bond you've formed together, and the same is true in marriage. So trust one another, trust the process. Make the most of this
alone time. 

‍Besides, some time to yourself won't do you any harm. When you have physical space or uninterrupted time to yourselves you pay more attention to your emotions and overall well-being. Don't worry, all the space will only bring you closer to your baè.