Being in love is a beautiful thing. But is it really love? Or is it infatuation? Contrary to what you may have believed, these two do not complement one another. There's a fine difference between both love and infatuation. We're going to dig deeper into this concept and also tell you the best place to find your better half at singles meet events happening near you. 

Many of you have experienced love—or at least what you believed to be love. You can be sure that it will occur at least once in your life. It's the sensation of being on the seventh cloud with this one very unique individual, who is unlike any other. Even just their presence or thinking about them causes your heart to beat more quickly. Life feels so vibrant and joyful. Everything around you is breathtaking. You understand that this feeling will never end.

It might be difficult to tell the difference between the two because infatuation is actually a component of love, especially if you're unsure of when you've never been truly in love. (To help you find that love, UrbanMatch is hosting singles meet events near you at hotspots.) 

Here are a few approaches to tell the difference between love and infatuation.

You desperately want to be around the person. It's infatuation.

It's acceptable to want to be with the person you love, but it's not normal to crave them constantly and become upset if they aren't there. You must make sure that your relationship is not like this. A typical person in love would prioritise their personal time and see the value in giving and receiving space in a relationship.

You feel secure in their presence. It's love.

Consider this. When you're with that individual, do you feel safe? The sense of belonging and safety is present when you're with someone you love. In fact, you want to spend your entire life with them, sharing both your joys and your traumas.

You overthink the relationship. It's infatuation. 

Many of us overthink unfounded claims. It might not have developed into love after all if you frequently question their feelings or generally about how they might be feeling about some things. If you are in love, you will be aware of how they feel and there won't be as much constant overthinking.

You could rely on them in low times. It is love.

There will be days when your mental state won't be ideal or situations where something truly terrible has occurred. If you really love your mate, you'd be able to rely on them in these circumstances. They would be the first person you would want to tell everything to or just want their company, therefore you would want them to be there. We're hoping you find that special someone real soon at singles meet events happening near you. 

The focus of your relationship is mostly physical. It's infatuation.

Infatuation is heavily reliant on intimacy. It may be present in relationships where you seek physical contact with your lover more frequently than what is normal. Here, you might find an individual attractive due to their appearance. Typically, infatuation feels like falling in love at first sight.

Your relationship has both closeness and friendship, it is love.

The ideal partnerships are those in which you are friends first. Talking to each other doesn't bore you with time. You enjoy each other's company, you laugh and weep together, you try to talk about everything, no matter how awkward the subject, and you are intimate too. It's crucial that you both feel at ease around each other since that's when closeness should develop. It takes a dedicated environment for intimacy to occur. If closeness occurs without the required level of commitment, it may cause human disorganisation, which will then cause social disorganisation.

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It may also be infatuation when you ignore relationship warning signs and fantasize about the ideal life with a person.

Additionally, there is a strong sensation of connection, primarily based on the idealisation of another person. It may seem unreasonable, intense, and passionate.

Contrarily, love is not blind to a partner's flaws or compatibility issues. In spite of those, you accept them as they are. 

Love also seeks to acknowledge and build real connections that enable each individual to flourish. Each partner may need to make a conscious effort to compromise in order to cooperate towards a common objective. Love is a decision.

Is infatuation the initial stage of love?

Although infatuation can be the beginning of love, not everyone feels it. You can find someone beautiful without experiencing the excitement of love at first sight.

If you're ready to get over the ideal fantasy and go past any potential disappointments, infatuation can develop into love.

Because fantasising about someone feels right, infatuation is self-serving. However, it's likely that the person isn't as perfect as you think they are. If you're prepared to give, compromise, and resolve issues with the person you're intrigued with, it can indeed turn into love.

In other words, you must be disillusioned before you can experience true love.

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