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Sure, life ain't easy! Our time with the person who matters to us the most is frequently limited due to daily responsibilities, job, travel, friends, and kids (in some circumstances). 

Amidst all of this, it makes sense that relationships might deteriorate over time, and you might not experience the same sense of novelty or excitement like before.

You only need to make arrangements occasionally to ensure that this does not occur. Anything from shopping to organising a quick getaway could be one of the plans.

We firmly believe that spending some time with your BAE is crucial to maintaining the health of your relationship and your happiness. 

Well, we understand you might not have the time or even the mental stamina to plan a night or a day out after all the hustle you've been doing? Well, fear not; we have you covered. 

Here are a few fun activities that you can do if you're a couple : 

Screen free day

In this era of technology, the maximum amount of time spent by an average person is on their phone. It should come as no surprise, but this could also lead to problems between you and your partner. So, take a day off from looking at your screens and actually spend time with your partner being mentally present. 

Morning dates

Really getting tired of setting the same dinner dates? While many of us plan a date night every week, morning dates are a little less common. Why, though? Should they be? If you're an early riser who prefers to wake up early in the morning instead of staying up late, you might appreciate the concept of a morning date.

On such mornings, you can do a number of things, like go cycling, have breakfast at a fantastic location, go to the beach or maybe just a scenic long drive. Have a sporty morning if you enjoy sports.

  • These mornings are beneficial for your relationship because you're not too exhausted after a long day, so it won't seem like another chore. 

  • Physically and mentally, there is less pressure. 

  • And you prepare yourself for a fantastic day ahead!

Stargaze on a terrace

Nothing's more romantic than relaxing with your lover while gazing up at the stars on a gorgeous night. Spread a mattress and several plush cushions out on your balcony or deck to lie down. Play some meditative music as you both immerse yourself in the beautiful night sky.

Join a class together

Believe it or not, participating in an activity like tennis, yoga, gym or any other such activities with your partner will not only benefit your health but also strengthen your bond.

Karaoke night

Plan a karaoke night at your house and let your heart out. Install a karaoke machine in your home, then alternately sing for one another. Prepare a special playlist of music that will transport you both back in time. To make your at-home musical performance feel more like a real karaoke experience, add a disco ball as well. As your other troubles disappear with the music, let your heart be free.

Plan a gaming night

Playing board games is a great way to enjoy some time together while being competitive. Buy a board game that interests you both and play it together. Keep a record of who won each game so you can tease one another later. Just keep in mind that the goal is to have fun and enjoy your time together, not to belittle one another. You may also try playing some cooperative games, in which players must plan ahead and work together to win. 

Spa day

Nothing is more tranquillizing than a good massage. Make plans for a spa night where you two can massage one another. Set the ambiance by lighting some candles and listen to some soothing music. A spa night is the ideal way to unwind and reduce your worries. This shared experience will foster closeness and result in a stronger relationship. You and your spouse might also unwind in a bubble bath. Spend this time relaxing and chatting with one another.

Netflix and Chill

You two can just cuddle up with each other, watch netflix, and a pizza on days when you don't feel like going to the theatre or when your cosy mattress at home looks much too alluring.

Go shopping

Even though it might seem tiring guys, go shopping with all your heart. It's not a chore, pick out outfits for each other and you could end up having a great time together.

So spice up your relationship and make it more interesting with these easy and fun to do activities. You can also check out: Tips To Keep The Spark Alive Even After Years Of A Relationship 

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